In this series we discuss the principles of Disciplined Agile and how we can apply those in a practical way either with our teams of for ourselves.

Optimize Flow

The next principle of Disciplined Agile to discuss is the principle to “Optimize Flow”. If you are like me, our first take on this is to view this in light of the team, making sure the team is tightly integrated together and working at an optimal, but sustainable, [...]

2021-04-08T09:22:08-04:00April 8th, 2021|Disciplined Agile Principles|

Choice is Good

In some respects, the “Choice is Good” principle is both the differentiator and the business case for transforming your organization within the Disciplined Agile framework. If one is to go through the other frameworks and delivery practices, inevitably you will find a more or less degree of prescription to the [...]

2020-12-15T12:24:57-05:00December 15th, 2020|Disciplined Agile Principles|

Context Counts

As we look to the next installment in our series, “The Principles of Disciplined Agile”, I’d like to take a closer look at the principle of “Context Counts”. This is a principle that I’ve found resonates very well with project managers, even more so as they gain experience in [...]

2020-11-19T08:32:22-05:00November 19th, 2020|Disciplined Agile Principles|


I often wonder how many of us use the term “pragmatism” with its original intent. A quick look at the dictionary describes pragmatism as “an approach that assesses the truth of meaning of theories or beliefs in terms of the success of their practical application”. That is a mouthful, [...]

2020-10-20T11:20:25-04:00October 20th, 2020|Disciplined Agile Principles|

Be Awesome

When we think of the term “Be Awesome” we may think of someone who went the extra mile, so to speak, to give us the perception that they cared about our personal needs. Or, we think of an event where we came away with a sense of being united [...]

2020-10-09T10:02:00-04:00October 9th, 2020|Disciplined Agile Principles|
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