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The Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM®) is a five year certification from the globally recognized standard in Project Management, the Project Management Institute (PMI). This certificate is uniquely designed for you to learn about the Integral components utilized by project managers and give you instant recognition and credibility.

What makes this certificate so attractive is that you do not need any project management experience to receive the CAPM® designation. That means that if you are a restaurant manager, a student, or an administrative assistant (see our success stories), you can get a head start to a rewarding career in project management.

The PMI requires 23 hours of project management course instruction that is based on the Project Management Body of Knowledge along with a High School diploma. This course provides you with the 23 hours required as well as and we also provide study helps that are available for you for one year following the course.

Projects by Design delivers the CAPM® course with live instruction, courses that fit your schedule  and a reasonable price with over 40 years of professional training experience. Our state of the art learning system makes an online course feel like you’re in the classroom.  You’ll receive multiple resources to use to further your study to prepare you for the exam and course downloads provide a wealth of knowledge to help you along the way. We will take this journey with you!

You may have heard that the exam is changing on January 2, 2021. We recommend you take the course and your CAPM® now while the test environment and questions are well known and stable. Once you have your CAPM® there is no need to renew the certification after the exam changes – you are good for 5 years!


  • A restaurant manager became tired of her long hours and low pay. It seemed there was no path forward that would help her into the project management field, but then she found the CAPM course. She took the course and within three weeks had her CAPM. She was then hired as an intern into a major company, and within six months got hired full-time into a Fortune 100 financial services organization as a Project Manager!
  • A student graduating from college wanted to enhance his resume so that it would get the attention of the company he had targeted for employment. He took the CAPM course, passed the exam and was later interviewed and hired by his target company. The hiring manager said the CAPM certification gave them the confidence that he was right for the job.
  • An administrative assistant was told her job was going to be eliminated. She signed up for the CAPM course and passed her exam, which met the criteria to get hired into a different department of the company. She was able to stay with the company she loved and didn’t have to go through the uncertainties of unemployment.


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